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Vogelgesang, Vogelsang, Birdsong

Genealogy Research basics

Birdsong Family Genealogy Forum - Genforum is an automated system on which anyone may post a genealogical query by surname and have others respond to the particular message.

Caldwell County Kentucky Genealogy - Birdsong/Grasty and Stone/Birdsong Families - Great information for any budding genealogist!

Crook County Relatives - Cemetery Transcriptions on the net.

Birdsong Records at the virtual cemetery - Free search for burial records.

Ellis Island Records

Beginner's Guide to Family History Research

Introduction to Genealogy - Learn genealogy from the ground up in this six-lesson Introduction to Genealogy. Learn proper research and documentation methods.

Relatives of Larry Birdsong

The Drake-Birdsong connections (mostly Drake history)

Watson - Birdsong Connections (mostly Watson history with a few Birdsongs in the late 1800's)

Twiggs County, GA, Chronology, 1800-50 , More Twiggs Co. info

John Birdsong (1861) & family are in this database

Birdsong Books
If you find another one, let us know on our Message Board
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The two books every Birdsong should own (I bought both books for my children as well!):

The two books are available that trace 7 generations of Birdsong families from 1700 Colonial Virginia into the early 1900's. They are a compilation of reasearch that represents what many early Birdsong researchers have done over the past 35 years.

The first book,THE FIRST FIVE GENERATIONS OF BIRDSONGS IN AMERICA is about 400 pages of work starting with our common Birdsong ancestors, John and Elizabeth Birdsong in a 1700 Charles Parish, now York Co., VA. This book traces the Birdsong families migrating from VA into the Carolinas, TN, KY, GA, MS, and Alabama.

The second book titled the SIXTH GENERATION BIRDSONG FAMILIES is a continuation of the first book which documents the continuing migration of the families into MO, AR, Texas and beyond.

Depending on your line from John and Elizabeth,these two books trace the lines into the early 1900s. If you know your grandfather or your great grandfather, with these books you should be able to follow your Birdsong Ancestry back to 1700 Virginia.

Five Generations of American Birdsong Ancestry by Dean John Birdsong, 387pgs.; In short, this book has all the Birdsong Genealogy and documentation you could ever hope for! If you are researching Birdsong Genealogy you have to own this book, Along with Dean's next book, The Sixth Generation of Birdsong Families in America. Both books are available for $25 each, postage and handling included. To purchase mail your check to Dean Birdsong at 6370 Casselberry Way, San Diego 92119. Phone (619) 460-5085. e-mail

We haven't seen it yet, but it sounds good-

SETTLERS ALONG THE SHORES OF VIRGINIA'S YORK RIVER - Banks, Farthing, Knewstep, Philbates, Richardson and their neighbors. Also, Bingham, Birdsong, Booth, Collier, Davis, Felgates, Garrett, Hankins, Hazlewood, Hockaday, James, Jones, Lacy, Lightfoot, Lindsey, Mahone, Meanley, Moore, Morris, Piggott, Post, Ratcliff, Russell, Salmons, Savage, Smith, Spraggins, Taliaferro, Taylor, Tyree, Vaughn, Williams, and Wodward. The compiler examined census data, land and personal property tax rolls, reports to the British Colonial Office, Bible records, attorneys' notes on Chancery Court suits, eye-witness accounts of the Revolutionary War, old maps, old newspaper items, parish registry books, legislative petitions, deeds, etc. 5700 entries in the index. 320 pp., acid-free paper, postpaid, hardbound, maps, sketches, photographs, bibliography. 1989. $33.95 postpaid. On sale- $16.98 click here to order

BRYN FFYLIAID PUBLICATIONS is a small publishing house whose major emphasis is documentation of family history in some of the early counties of Virginia. Several hardcover books of family history are included in the collection, as well as paperbound abstracts of census data, wills, deeds, guardian accounts, marriage licenses, orders, and land taxes. The court records of Lunenburg County are the basis for the majority of the approximately 100 publications, but there are some records from other Virginia counties - e.g., New Kent, Hanover, James City, Surry, Sussex, York, Warwick.

All of the books are abstracted, compiled, and fully indexed by JUNE BANKS EVANS, recipient in 1995 of the Virginia Records Award of the Virginia Genealogical Society for her meticulous preparation of abstracts from microfilmed copies of the original records. A VGS reviewer referred to Mrs. Evans as the "premier researcher of Lunenburg County" and "a formidable presence within the genealogical community" for making records readily available to researchers.

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