Birdsong Family- Generation 7

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Robert Henry Birdsong
(1822 - 1902)
Sarah Jane Ozley
(1831 - 1908)
Lafayette Felix Birdsong Lula Heflin
married 12 Feb 1874 in/near Wedowee, Randolph County, AL
b. 12 Mar 1872, Randolph Co., AL
d. 14 Feb 1911, Roanoke, Randolph Co., AL
bur.  Union Hill [Baptist Church cemetery]
occ. Carpenter
rel. Baptist
b. 1880, Alabama
d. 1966, Randolph Co., AL
bur. Union Hill Bap Cem

Sue Birdsong
Robert H. Birdsong
Guy H. Birdsong
Lafayette Felix Birdsong
Nell Birdsong

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L. [Lafayette] F. [Felix] BIRDSONG [12 Mar 1872--14 Feb 1911] died shortly after noon yesterday at his home two miles north of town, after an illness of several weeks of blood poisoning. The interment will occur at 1 o’clock today at Union Hill [Baptist Church cemetery], after services conducted by Rev. S. L. DOBBS. The deceased was a member of an old and well known family, and had many friends. He leaves a widow [Lula HEFLIN BIRDSONG, 25 Jun 1880--15 Feb 1966] and four small children. In view of their distressed condition [Lula was about six months pregnant], the people of Roanoke raised money last week and placed a professional nurse in the family. The neighbors also rendered many kindnesses.

[From The Roanoke Leader (Randolph County, Alabama), 15 Feb 1911, p.1]

The funeral of Mr. L. F. BIRDSONG was conducted at Union Hill last Wednesday afternoon by Revs. S. L. DOBBS and F. H. FARRINGTON. The services were very impressive and were witnessed by a large number of friends and neighbors.

It will be gratifying to all friends of the family to learn that Herman [Andrew] HEFLIN [13 Apr 1887--13 Mar 1953], a brother of Mrs. BIRDSONG, has volunteered to stay with the widow and little children and take charge of the place.
Mr. HEFLIN is quite a young man, but is a noble young fellow. He was preparing to leave to accept a position in New Mexico when called here by the serious illness of Mr. BIRDSONG. He nursed him till the last, and announced his intention of remaining with his bereaved sister. The Leader commends the heroic example of this young gentleman.

[From The Roanoke Leader (Randolph County, Alabama), 22 Feb 1911, p.1]

We desire to express our heart felt thanks to each and everyone who administered to Husband and Father during his sickness and death, also for their sympathy. Especially do we thank Drs. DISHAROON and HOOPER and Miss TREADWELL, the nurse, for their efforts to prolong his life. May God’s richest blessings rest upon you all, is our prayer.

Mrs. L. F. BIRDSONG and Children.

[From The Roanoke Leader (Randolph County, Alabama), 22 Feb 1911, p.1]

Email from Jo Anne Gunby Conner, June 2002:

I am Nell Birdsong Gunby's daughter and I have Lula H. Birdsong's Family Record in her handwriting:

Source of Information: Lula Heflin Birdsong's "Family Record" (in her handwriting). I'll type it just as she had it written. To my knowledge the family bible was stolen from my parents' house in the '60's - although it's possible that Jerry Birdsong has it - can't remember for sure.

Lafayette F. Birdsong was born March 12, 1872; he died Feb 14th, 1911 (of blood poisoning from having a tooth pulled - Lula was pregnant with Nell who was born in May of that year)
Lula Birdsong was born June 20, 1880
Lafayette F. Birdsong and Lula Heflin were married January 28, 1903.
Sue Birdsong was born November 9, 1903
Robert H. Birdsong was born May 28, 1905
Guy Birdsong was born November 15, 1906
L.F. Birdsong, Jr. was born February 13, 1909
Nellie Birdsong was born May 26, 1911 (I have always been told her name was Nell Mentoria Birdsong although I have never seen her birth certificate - my recollection is this is the name in the family bible)

Source of Information: Jo Anne's knowledge

Nell Birdsong Gunby married Harold Blanchard Gunby on May 7, 1933 in Atlanta, GA
Harold Blanchard Gunby was born January 5, 1914 in or near Lincolnton, GA. He lives in Atlanta, GA.
Nell Gunby died January 29, 2000 in Greenville SC. She is buried at Arlington Cemetary in Atlanta, GA.

Nell's Eulogy (delivered by William Gaines Hill, Grandson):
Nell Birdsong Gunby
Nellie, Nell, Sis, Mother, Mama, Mama Nell, Mother G, Granma…all these names for one extraordinary person. A person who gave of herself throughout her life, always with others in mind. Not always an easy person to be around, but one with staunch principles of right and wrong, unforgiving in that realm, but always there with a smile and a caring hug. She mothered the kids in the neighborhood, took them to horror movies at the Fox on Saturday, cooked a bigillion hot dogs, and found time to be both Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader. She also mothered her beloved grandchildren, sometimes to the point of distraction, but always with love and good wishes in her heart. Her high standards were exacting - sometimes not understood, but always appreciated in retrospect. The consummate horsewoman, she matured from the farm girl from the red hills of Alabama to the horsy-set of Depression Era Atlanta, always with a smile and raw determination. She loved being outside and shared that enthusiasm for the outdoors and athletics with her children and grandchildren. In later years she had the opportunity to share her strong personality with her great grandchildren, but she developed vision problems, which led to numerous falls and fractures. Eventually she left her beloved Atlanta for a secondary life in South Carolina where she was quickly adopted by many of Jo Anne and Dana's friends as Granma. Her last years were somewhat of a blur, but she maintained her dignity and exacting standards to the last. Nellie, Nell, Sis, Mother, Mama, Mama Nell, Mother G, Granma…a very special person who had an impact on many, many lives - we bid you a fond and loving farewell. January 31, 2000

Nell & Harold had 3 children:
Harold Eugene Gunby - born September 18, 1936 in Atlanta. Died January 11, 1991, by suicide in Hunt County, Texas (Lake Tawakoni). Airplane pilot instructor. Buried Arlington Cemetary, Atlanta, GA
Thomas William Gunby - born May 22, 1944. Resides in Marietta, GA. Graduate of Georgia State University. Independent Insurance Agent.
Jo Anne Gunby Conner - born May 13, 1947 in Atlanta. Graduate of University of Georgia - 1970. Manager of Residential Services - Coldwell Banker Caine Real Estate - Greenville, SC.

Harold Eugene Gunby was married several times and had 6 children(I'll try to get this correctly):
Harold married Elaine Grimes in Dallas/Ft. Worth in 1955? They had 4 children:
Harold Eugene Gunby, Jr. - born July 5, 1957 in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Harold lives in Homer, GA
Tina Lynn Gunby Smith - born July 6, 1958 in Atlanta, GA. Tina lives in Toccoa, GA.
Darrell Edwin Gunby - born July 14, 1959 in Atlanta, GA. Darrell lives in Woodstock, GA
Gina Gunby - born ___in Atlanta GA. Gina lives in Dallas, TX

Harold married Rondi Iverson in Atlanta, GA. They had 2 children:
Eugene Gunby - Gene lives in Marietta, GA
Tinsley Anne Gunby - Tinsley lives in Gulf Port MS

Harold, Sr. was also married to Gail ___ and Becky (Dallas, 1984 or '85) (I could probably find out these details if needed)

Thomas William Gunby married Susan Sweat, from Alma, GA, on September 21, 1968. They have no children. Susan is the President of Georgia Baptist School of Nursing.

Jo Anne Gunby Conner married Bruce Gaines Hill on December 21, 1968 in Atlanta. They had one son, William Gaines Hill, who was born in Durham, NC. They were divorced in 1980. Gaines Hill lives on Sullivans Island, SC where he is attending Trident Community College, is a musician and a waiter. Jo Anne married Dana Hugh Conner, on January 30, 1982, in Rutherfordton, NC. They have no children by this marriage. Dana has one son by a previous marriage, Dana H. Conner, Jr. He and his wife, Kim Turner Conner, have one daughter, Jesse Regan Conner, born October 29, 1999. They live in Tryon, NC. Dana, Jr. owns and operates Conner Computer Consulting in Rutherfordton, NC.