Birdsong Family- Generation 4

John Birdsong Jr.
(1733 - 1790)

Mary L. Armistead
(1730 - )

Batte and Rebecca never married
Batte Birdsong Rebecca Roundtree

b. 1760
d. 22 Aug 1813, Union Co., South Carolina
occ. Judge In Union County, SC; Landowner (~1600 acres)
edu. Left Will In Union Co.
mil. Soldier, American Revolution

John Birdsong Roundtree

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 4, Fall, 1979
Western Circuit Equity Journal

SCMAR, Vol. VII, Fall 1979, No. 4, p.198
Batte Birdsong, Esq., produced his commission as Commissioner in the Court of Equity for the united districts of Spartanburge, Union, York and Chester [Western Circuit]. [Commission copied into the Journal - issued on 21[?] Dec. 1806 by Charles Pinckney, Gov. of S. C., and Daniel Hugher, Sec. of State.]

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCMAR, Volume XI
Number 1, Winter, 1983
Union District Equity Journal (Continued from Vol. X, p.206)

SCMAR, Vol. XI, Winter 1983, No. 1, p.45
Note: Jemuel Brown, the minor in the petition above, was the only child of Jemuel Brown of Fairforest Creek who died in Union Co. in 1815. His widow, Sarah Brown, remarried to Robert A. Claybrook who was guardian of the infant Jemuel W. Brown in 1821. One item in the final accounting of Jemuel Brown's estate mentions “Cash rec'd. in Virginia.” The estate also received money from D. B. Rice, Paymaster of the 1st Regiment, South Carolina Militia. The estate was administered by Capt. William Rountree and the widow Sarah Brown until Sarah remarried, when her husband Robert A. Claybrook took over the administration. The estate of Batte Birdsong of the town of Unionville figured prominently in the administration of Jemuel Brown. Birdsong was a bachelor, may have been in business with Jemuel Brown.

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